I'm Tara "Monster" Smith. I'm a creative innovator, branding strategist, and design expert. I have over 17 years of experience in marketing for the art, gift and apparel industry. My work focuses on customer driven solutions for websites, advertising, digital media and printed marketing materials. 

I created Revival Ink, an apparel and gift company with eco-friendly, nature themed clothing and accessories. For over a decade, I've built and managed retail websites as well as wholesale distribution of my products to hundreds of stores nationwide. For 6 years, I owned Monster Art & Clothing, a gallery and retail store in Seattle representing a collection of over 100 artists.  

My experience as a small business owner gives me a unique ability to adapt to an ever changing industry. I'm good at taking charge and wearing all the hats. I learn new software and techniques quickly, pivoting easily. I've tackled everything from concept to final production, distributing and marketing for all kinds of products.

In my free time, I enjoy costuming, screen printing, and making art for the Burning Man community. I have contributed to several large scale art projects that have been displayed for thousands of people. I built a triceratops art car. I created a kinetic fire sculpture that was the main effigy for Washington State's regional Burning Man event. I make award winning costumes for events and theater productions. See them here! I teach a workshop on T-shirt modification that shows people of all ages they too can create a work of art from a simple tee. That became the inspiration for my youtube channel "Tara Monster Makes" that I film, edit and produce.
My passion for art, design and fashion knows no bounds. I can't wait for my next challenge!
Please contact me to discuss how we can work together to bring your vision to life.

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