I deliver complete brand packages than can be applied to every facet of a company's marketing strategy. Complete with logo design, color scheme, fonts and illustrations.
Within the first month of applying the new look to websites, social media platforms and printed marketing materials, my clients noticed increased engagement of 75-90%.

See Case Studies below
Case Study: Lavi Glow
Lavi glow is a beverage made in Haiti by the Quala company. The name Lavi Glo means “life water” in Creole, the language spoken in Haiti. It is a fruit flavored water drink containing electrolytes and vitamins to prevent dehydration and promote health.
It is marketed to the parents of children ages 5 and under, and comes with a convenient bottle top. It's bright fun colors and cute characters make it appealing to kids from the supermarket shelf. 

 • Creative direction and project management
 • Logo design and brand guidelines
 • Concept creation and character illustration
 • Package and label design
Case Study: Culture Patch
Culture Patch helps elementary schools start a P-patch program. Culture Patch educates schools on how a garden can help their students develop self-reliance and improve nutrition through education and hands-on experience. They provide food for the hungry, and teach organic garden techniques to future generations.
 • Creative direction and project management for awareness campaign
 • Logo design and brand guidelines for colors, fonts and layout
 • Application of logo and branding to mailers, emails, brochures and signage
 • Establishing and growing social media accounts
 • Seeds of Change package design
Case Study: Capitol Hill
The Capitol Hill Arts & Culture Association wanted to gain awareness for the neighborhood before announcing it's lineup of events for Summer 2015. For this campaign, I made billboard signs to go up in different areas of Seattle to spark interest in Capitol Hill. The exciting nightlife culture and LGBTQ pride that permeates this edgy area of Seattle makes it a hot spot for music and art. I wanted to showcase that, as well as the gritty beauty of the fashion scene, unique shops, and nightclubs to intrigue visitors looking for a new experience. 
 • Creative direction for campaign
 • Slogan creation
 • Billboard design
 • Tri-fold brochure design and layout
Tri-fold Brochure

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