A Youtube channel focused on DIY fashion, crafts, screen printing and small business tips. This channel targets the ideal customers of Revival Ink and creates a community where they can feel connected to the brand. Sharing a behind the scenes view of how products are made, as well as empowering viewers to make their own creative projects, turns customers into loyal fans.

• Filming videos, editing in Adobe Premiere
• Custom motion graphics, transitions and overlays
• Creating engaging thumbnail graphics for each video
• Promoting videos on social media with posts, stories, IGTV and ads
• SEO for high ranking videos on youtube for relevant keywords

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Custom Transitions and Motion Graphics
Social Media Marketing For Videos
I design graphics, write copy, find relevant hashtags, and schedule posts to social media platforms to supercharge my video views. This is how I grew my youtube channel to over 3k subscribers in 6 months.
Vertical Banner Ads For Websites and Pinterest Pins
Thumbnail Graphics For Youtube Videos

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