Revival Ink makes shirts for the wild at heart: free spirits who love animals, camping, hiking and traveling. Our goal is to provide nature lovers with unique gifts and comfortable clothing that fits an active lifestyle. We believe in making quality products that are sustainable. As the creator and owner of the company, I have overseen all production, distribution and marketing for the last 16 years.
• Directing creative campaigns for the brand: print media, social media, email, sms
• Leading a team of six in developing and implementing effective marketing strategies

• Logo design, branding, promotional materials, product photography, fashion photography
• Website UX and UI design, organization, wireframing, navigation, catalog creation
• Building and maintaining e-commerce stores on Wordpress, Shopify, Amazon and Etsy
• Development, production and marketing for 120 seasonal gift items per year
• Booth design for trades shows, wholesaling to over 50 stores nationwide

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