Creating ads for product launches, promotions, and holiday campaigns across several social media platforms.

• Composing ads with photos, motion graphics and video to tell a story
• Directing photo shoots, styling and posing models
• Photo retouching and graphics in Lightroom, Photoshop and Illustrator
• Video filming, editing and motion graphics in Adobe Premiere
• Scheduling feed posts, stories and reels to re-enforce ad campaigns
• Writing enticing descriptions with a clear call to action and relevant hashtags
• Building unique landing pages selling products for each ad campaign 
Case Study 1 - Revival Ink Nature Shirt Club
Nature Shirt Club Facebook Ad Videos
Case Study 2 - Revival Ink Shirts Website Ads
Video Ads for Facebook and Instagram
Vertical Layout for Banner Ads and Pinterest
Product Focused Instagram Stories and Pinterest Posts
 Videos That Create a Customer to Brand Connection
Social Media Calendar Planning in Trello to Assign Tasks to My Team
See more examples of my social media work for Revival Ink by clicking the icons below

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